Focusing on our Greatest Resource..Soil!

High Purity Grain Grown From Healthy Soil.

  • Get grain shipped anywhere in Canada (courier, truck or intermodal).
  • Various sizes from 100g bags to large bulk shipments (and many sizes in-between).
  • Detailed records from every field and crop to meet your standards.
  • Know where your seed comes from.
  • Cover crop seeds and mixes available! (Mini Bulk is a popular option).

How We Farm   Buy Our Grains & Legumes

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Know Where Your Food Comes From

More and more people are becoming passionate about where the food they eat comes from. And for good reason as many grain farming practices are relying heavily on synthetic chemicals and fertilizers for high yielding crops. People are starting to ask these questions.

  • How is the food I’m eating grown or raised?
  • Are the farming practices used to grow the food I eat harming the environment?
  • Is the food I’m eating grown locally?
  • Is the soil where my food is grown healthy? Will it still be healthy for future generations?

These are all important questions and finding out the answers is just as important.

Meet The Farmers

Soil health at farm

A Healthy Soil -- Growing Nutrient Dense Food

Our farm strives to care for the soil and the biology that it contains. The bacteria, protozoa, fungi, nematodes, earthworms, etc. create our soil structure and supply our plants with the nutrients that they require. We want to take care of our soil biology so that they take care of our plants. We believe that healthy soil create healthy plants which makes healthy food.

Choose a healthy option for your family and the earth with product from a local farmer in Canada who uses Bio-Logical practices to build the healthiest soil, based on what we see in nature. These include; no till, cover crops, intercrops, high diversity rotations, controlled traffic farming, and livestock integration.   

How We Are Loyal To Our Soil

Grain farming in Saskatchewan

Get Grains & Legumes From Axten Farms

At Axten Farms Ltd. our method of farming protects the soil for today and future generations. Take a moment to browse the grains we have avalilable and consider buying your environmentally conscious grain from Axten Farms Ltd.

When looking for someone who understands grain farming in Saskatchewan, finding out all you can about their farming methods can prove beneficial in having healthy food to feed your family. Buying grain from Axten Farms Ltd. can provide you with the confidence that your food is produced from healthy soil!

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